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BBW Mia Sweetheart shows her real huge boobs

Mia Sweetheart's name proves there is truth in advertising. She is a sweetheart and our photo team vouched for that. Writes BBWLover: "Ever since her debut, I have been chomping at the bit for more of Mia! Being stationed in Romania, I am constantly on the prowl for more women like Mia! Especially in Bucharest and Constanta! Mia is a true BBW Goddess!" XL Girls: Mia, do you ever store things in your cleavage, like money? Mia: No, not really. Maybe just popcorn! Anytime I go to the cinema, when I get home, my bra is full of it. XL Girls: When you meet a guy, how can he win your interest? Mia: If he makes me laugh he is halfway there , he has to be smart and have manners. XL Girls: Are you called by any pet names? Mia: Yes, my family calls me Biba. I do not know from where it comes but they have called me Biba since I was a kid.

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